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Healthcare, Hospitals, & Medical Institutes

Discover Print Management Solutions for All Healthcare Agencies

The MDS Team and our suite of secure management solutions are uniquely qualified to serve the complex printing requirements of healthcare agencies and hospitals. In the healthcare industry, it is critically important to pay attention to the smallest details. Our customers fully understand that and so do we. Our team is dedicated to helping you unearth and realize hidden costs on a substantial level, allowing you to redirect that money towards what really matters... improved patient outcomes. 

"MDS and their solutions allowed us to change our cultural behavior by looking at printing in a new light. Our costs were quickly driven down and with their help, were able to successfully commit to this mindset and drive this across our organization. This was long overdue and very welcomed by our team."

~CIO, national healthcare provider

Like the old saying goes... printers don't print, people do. And that is how we look at printing from a holistic mindset; that printing is more about the people than it is about the printers. Our suite of solutions will provide actionable data on all available print devices, all people who are printing, and the documents that are being printed. Take this real-time data, let our tools provide the analytics, and we will be able to work together to devise a plan so that you can significantly reduce organizational printing costs, improve data security, and remain compliant with HIPAA and PHI.

Not only do we provide the solutions to give your organization these tools and benefits, but we also offer a dedicated team of professionals that you can engage for strategic print management and optimization. Consultation, planning & design, solution implementation, ongoing support, and even program management are part of what only MDS can deliver as a print solution provider. Our well-rounded approach goes above and beyond all other providers and allows us to tackle your print environment in the broadest of senses across the entire enterprise. 

"The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) reviewed Pharos Systems' Blueprint Enterprise product using the Peer Review process. After undergoing the rigorous review, Blueprint Enterprise has been awarded the 'Peer Reviewed by HFMA' designation. Blueprint Enterprise includes Secure Release Here, Beacon Fleet Manager, Toner Savings, and MobilePrint."

HFMA Peer Review.png

To find out more about how we can make print work for you, contact MDS today and allow our team to help design and create a more secure, cost-efficient, and sustainable printing environment.

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