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Government Agencies

Print Management Solutions for Government Agencies & Service Organizations

Our team provides solutions and services that help many government agencies to secure their devices and documents, reduce print volume and waste, and drastically lower their operating costs. We share the same concerns as these agencies: security, cost efficiency, and waste reduction.

With CoN approval by the U.S. Army, our solutions support CAC/PIV authentication environments and comply with FIPS 140 & 201. Our print management solutions work with mixed environments that contain devices of various types from practically every manufacturer.

Don't spend a fortune on office printing... you don't have to

MDS can help you reduce your total cost of ownership, or TCO, by managing print in a variety of ways. Our customers commonly experience savings of between 20 and 40 percent simply by utilizing our secure pull printing software. With this, you can use your mobile phone, access card, or login credentials to release your documents at any network printer.

Data on a Touch Pad

Reduce costs even more by doing what many of our government customers are doing; employ our toner reduction technology. This allows you to lower toner usage to a desired level without creating any noticeable difference in output quality. Take it one step further and define toner reduction levels for specific applications and/or customize print settings based on the toner output needs of individual departments and roles.

You, as an administrator, can create policy pop-up notifications that will automatically inform employees when print jobs exceed your customized cost limits. These messages help to continually educate your workforce and establish more mindful and cost-effective printing habits.


At MDS, we are uniquely qualified to help all government agencies achieve a more secure, cost-effective, and sustainable print environment. To find out more about how we can make print work for you, contact MDS today and allow our team to help design and create a more secure, cost-efficient, and sustainable printing environment. 

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